Khoyniky Museum "Chernobyl Tragedy"

The museum was founded in February 2007 by numerous requests of district residents and migrants. In May 2007, the museum welcomed its first visitors. The aims of the museum are: the youth patriotic education, keeping the memory about the heroes of the Chernobyl, attracting public attention to issues related to the Chernobyl catastrophe and its consequences. The total number of items on 1 January 2012 is 2,512. The main museum expositions are: "The Chernobyl is the eternal memory and the tragedy of Belarus" (dedicated to the people who took part in extinguishing the fire at the reactor, as well as in liquidating its consequences); "The History of the Villages Evicted" (highlighting the history of displaced villagers in the postwar years and pre-Cnernobyl period); "Ethnography of the Villages EvictecT (dedicated to life, work, culture and traditions of the displaced settlements); «To Live and to Create Counter to the Chernobyl" (containing materials about the economic development of the district, the region and the republic in the post-Chernobyl period); "Cooperation with Foreign Countries" (collected materials about the rehabilitation of children in foreign countries, about the visits to the museum by foreign delegations). The museum uses a variety of forms at work: guided tours, lectures, oral magazines, exhibitions, watching movies, meeting with migrants and high school graduates. The museum participated in the International Project of the UNDP "International Chernobyl Research and Information Network" (ICRIN), resulting in the book "The Chernobyl Memory".
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